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The Top 6 Lawyer Types You Need In Life

Consider suing a contractor for a contract breach or a competition for staff theft. What kind of lawyer suits you? The first step to selecting the proper lawyer is determining which type you require. Your non-compete agreement challenge counsel may not be the same attorney who drafted your will well.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys can help vehicle accident victims. These lawyers are experienced in working with insurance companies and helping you get the most when liability and damages are involved. It’s not simply car accidents that personal injury lawyers handle.

You need this counsel if someone else’s negligence caused your physical injury. Injuries from animal assaults, medical misconduct, and “premises liability” claims are examples.

Real Estate Lawyer

Land, water, and building rights are the specialty of real estate attorneys. Maybe you want to find out if someone has filed a lien against your land, or maybe you want to make an easement.

Changing the zoning classification, relocating the boundary line, or dividing a property into multiple lots could be necessary. In cases like these, it is wise to retain the services of an estate planning attorney to succeed.

Family Lawyer

You desire to have legal control over your children. But you would prefer not to grant your ex-wife her requested increase in spousal support. To be sure you won’t lose half your assets after a divorce, you’re getting married. Use the services of a family lawyer if your case concerns family responsibilities or relationships.

Workers Comp Lawyer

Let’s say you have to move a stack of boxes at work. All of a sudden, your shoulder and neck hurt so badly that you can’t even touch or lift another box.

Whether it’s a pulled muscle or a disc that has slipped, you need to see a doctor. That means you’re about to get lost in the world of workers’ compensation. Who are you going to call? Some people call workers’ compensation attorneys first. Sometimes that’s a good idea and sometimes it’s not.

Business Lawyer

A lot of business owners think they need a “business lawyer” no matter what kind of legal trouble they’re having. Furthermore, “business law” covers too many areas to be useful. Legal professionals who work with businesses usually fall into two groups that can’t work together: litigators and transactional lawyers.

 Civil Litigation Lawyer

You’ve been accused. Someone came to your door with papers telling you that you had to go to court to defend yourself in a case made by another person or business. The case is probably criminal and needs a different kind of lawyer if the suit papers say that the “Commonwealth” or “State” started the process.

You want to sue someone because they hurt you in some way. Maybe your small business did work for a government contractor but never got paid, which was against the terms of the deal. Or your former employee has started a business that competes with yours, which is against the terms of his non-compete agreement with your company.

With the list above, find yours according to your needs. Good luck.

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