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All you need to know about House Siding

House siding is a material added to the exterior of the house which has many benefits. It originated centuries ago with the need for better insulation of houses. Early Civilisations used mud, straw and hay to protect their home from weather conditions.

It plays a crucial role in the remediation and protection of your home and also elevates the aesthetic value of your house which in return not only increases the aesthetic value of your house but also acts as a shield against the environment, all while making the house more energy efficient and sustainable.

House Siding as a safeguard for your House 

House Siding acts as an extra layer of protection against weather conditions,keeping the home owners comfortable when temperature gets uncomfortable by insulating the interior. Properly installed house siding also acts as an extra layer against moisture preventing water damage, wood rot, structural failure, and mole growth. These properties inherently increase the longevity of the house as well.

House Siding saves you Money

As House siding is an additional layer on the exterior, it also insulates the house making it more energy efficient which means in the long term, the house owner will be saving money on heating and cooling as the house will be more efficient in insulating hot and cold air. This will also make the house more sustainable as the homeowner will have to use less energy to regulate the home’s temperature. The homeowner also saves money and time on repair costs that would have occurred if it was not for house sidings.

Increase the Value of your house

House Siding can increase the overall value of your house. One can install siding according to their taste and preferences. They decrease long term repair cost because of their protective nature and can be done in finishes that are trendy and in demand, making it more appealing to the masses, increasing the resale value for the house.

Choosing the correct material for House Siding

House Siding comes in various material choices,each having their own strong point. Materials such as Stucco, Wood, Vinyl, Brick and Fiber Cement are common in house siding installation.Each material has its own strengths. Vinyl Siding is known for low maintenance and is available in a variety of colours.

Fiber Cement Siding is known for its great durability and is resistant to changes in temperature. Wood Siding is known for its looks and timeless style. Stucco siding is a mixture of sand, cement, water and lime that is applied in layers onto mesh wiring. It provides excellent fire resistance and can be made into different colours and textures. Brick Siding is also known for its timeless style and although is more expensive upfront, it requires very little to no maintenance.

Process of Installing House Siding

House Siding Installation is a very straightforward job. If there is any previous siding installed it is removed and the house is inspected for any underlying damage. This is also a good opportunity to add or replace insulation. After the house is cleared of any underlying issues the worker starts fitting the new siding onto the house ensuring the correct fitting, the proper seals and the right fit and finish.

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